Saturday, September 29, 2012

Packing day......

Definitely NOT the fun part of the trip.   But, the weather is certainly co-operating.  It is a drizzly day so I wouldn't be outside anyway.... I am organized.  Now I just need those final tips from John on how to download what I need to take with me from the computer. I came across the file with the photos of the apartment.   It is on the Upper West Side of Manhatten between Central Park and the river.  By Monday at this time we will know whether these photos were enhanced for the rental website. 

I figure if we start to get on each other's nerves in the smaller space than we are used to.... we just head to the roof!  So, if it looks pretty close to this..... I will be pretty pleased.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Practice......

With advice from my niece, Abby I will try to position a photo where I want it to be!
Last week John and I were at the beach house and we took an outing with my sister, Barb to Ocracoke.  It was a terrific day that included some bike riding, shopping, hiking, and eating on the waterfront.  On the way home she and I stopped for some time on a gorgeous Hatteras beach.  She had a book and I had forgotten mine, so I took out my phone and downloaded a U.S. Open app and watched the Men's Final for a while.  I couldn't help but think about the fact that she and I were sitting on one of THE most least populated beaches I had ever seen and shortly a month later we would be in NYC with its dense population.  Here are a couple of photos of that outing.....

I listened to an hour podcast today all about Brooklyn by the "Brooklyn Nomad"  I took notes while I was listening.  He encouraged travelers to spend MORE than one day trying to take in all the Brooklyn has to offer.  He described neighborhoods, parks, restaurants and sights..... hope we get to take it all in!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Just practicing.... some MORE!

Now I have gotten some tips from my niece Abby, the only "blogger" I actually know.  So with her guidance I have changed the address of the blog.  Seems like a good idea... makes it easier to remember.  She also told me how to insert the photos and have them actually end up where you want them.... so I will try that tomorrow.

       New York City planning for today......
  • Got the tickets for a matinee of Annie (in previews) for the weekend that Abby and Beth will visit. 
  • Checked on details of parking arrangement.
  • John paid for our apartment through Flip Key.
  • Talked to Nancy R. about any possible NYC connections for Streisand tickets.