Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ethnic Foods in the City

Anyone who knows John and me KNOWS that we did not hold ourselves back from enjoying lots of delicious meals while we were in NYC.  So, I will try to write a few posts to highlight our favorites.

    Outside Pappardella
  • Italian .... How could we NOT look for some yummy Italian food while we were there?
    • Pomodoro - 229 Columbus - Upper West Side - We both ate specials and they were melt-in-your-mouth delicious. 
    • Pappardella - 316 Columbus - Upper West Side - Ate here with Barb and Muff when they came to visit.... also quite delicious.  If Barb pronounces it good Italian.... you know it is excellent!
    • Ignatzio's - Under the Brooklyn Bridge - By the time we got ready for lunch on the day we tried this place we just couldn't bear the wait at the famous and right around the corner Grimaldi's.... Not a problem!  It was delicious too.  And, no wait for a table.
    • Pizza ..... I had very carefully researched the "BEST" places to have pizza only to find out that the difference between New York pizza and what we see in Chesapeake is so huge that it doesn't matter WHERE we got our pizza.... it was all outstanding.  We ordered it one night, we brought it home one night and I had a slice in midtown at a tiny stand .... all way better than anything we get here at home.
  • Indian.... Only regret is not eating Indian food frequently enough while we were there.
    • Jackson Diner - 37 74th Street - Jackson Heights, Queens.... a buffet of Indian foods.  Perfect way to try some foods that we had not ordered before.  Very reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

    One of the Buffet Stations at the Jackson Diner

  • Dominican - Tipico - 4172 Broadway in Washington Heights..... We relied on the ONE English speaking waitress to help us order and were not disappointed.  It had a counter and a lovely dining area and the roast pork, beans and rice and other side dishes were all very flavorful.
  • Chinese - China Fun - 246 Columbus - Upper West Side.... Comments about pizza apply here... the difference between MOST of the Chinese food at home and ANY Chinese food in NYC is amazing.  We ordered food from here when Beth and Abby were with us, then John and I ate there for lunch and then we went back a 3rd time with our visitors from Virginia and New Jersey.  Excellent!
  • Polish - Krolewski Jadlo - Greenpoint, Brooklyn .... John had a traditional sausage sampler and was thrilled with the side dishes also.  I had a chicken special that was superb also.  While we were there a food tour from New Jersey was also eating there.... so it has a well-deserved great reputation.

  • Soul Food - Sylvia's - 328 Lenox Avenue... Harlem.... We enjoyed our walking tour of the area near this restaurant and were equally pleased with our meal.  It was our DUTY, we felt, to have fried chicken and all the appropriate side dishes... and they were excellent.


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