Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breakfast on the Upper West Side

This information is by NO MEANS an extensive guide to breakfast out on the Upper West Side because we ate in most mornings.  We did, however, enjoy a few spots that were close by.....
  • Pier 72 - West End Avenue - Really a locals place... a few times we were there the owner was greeting children who arrived as if they were his grandchildren..... that's the kind of place to have breakfast!   Everything we had was generous and delicious.  I had one of my breakfast favorites (pancakes or corned beef hash) anytime we were there.  John loved the eggs just about any way they fixed them. 
  • Upstairs at the Fairway Market - 73rd and Broadway...... This spot was recommended by the owner of the apartment and it was a good suggestion.  It is above the actual grocery store so the dining area looks out on the Beacon Theater...... the prices were higher than our local spot (above) but the food was exceptionally good.
  • Fairway Market
  • Utopia - near the Subway entrance at 72nd and Broadway.....  A little bit more like a diner... definitely a good breakfast.
  • Aroma - 161 72nd Street ..... Great coffee and (as pointed out to us by Celeste) a nice outdoor dining area on the second floor that is a wonderful little quiet spot.
Because the bagels are so good in NYC (the claim is that because the water itself in NYC is good... so are the bagels) almost any spot you go serves bagels with traditional cream cheese, butter, or lox.  With so many options of finding bagels or other breakfast items (and NOT wanting to gain weight on vacation) we did eat breakfast at the apartment most mornings.

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