Monday, October 15, 2012

Greenpoint in Brooklyn

With the help of an app called Hop Stop we made our way to the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.  Anyone who spends much time in NYC should definitely use this to help make your way around the city.  EXTREMELY helpful......
This section is predominantly Polish although as with most of the areas we have visited, there was still quite a variety of languages we heard on the street.  We had a delicious lunch at this restaurant.  Neither of us has ANY idea how to pronounce it... but the people were pleasant, the chef (whom I talked to on my way to the ladies room!) was surprised that we wanted to see the "historic section" of Greenpoint, but directed us there nonetheless.

To say that John was pleased with his lunch would be an understatement.... a variety of traditional delicacies!

We did try to work off our meal by walking around the area.

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