Monday, October 15, 2012

Good Morning America

By standing at the outdoor area it was a lot easier to see the regulars on the program.... Below are the photos of Ginger Zee, Sam Champion, Elizabeth Vargas, Josh Elliott, Amy Robach , George Stephanopoulos and the only guest I saw, Don Cheadle.

Today was one of the first days we had NO plans at all.... since I got up fairly early I headed down to Times Square to see Good Morning America.  I got there at around 7:00 and there were already plenty of people gathered. The window area seemed too congested but the area around the outdoor section was not as full.  I guess knowing they would not come outside until 8:00 or so kept some people from hanging in there.   The crowd was as interesting as the show for the time I was there.  Several women basically had "stage" make up on for their moment on TV.  I, on the other hand, had bolted out of the apartment in my trusty raincoat.... John did report that he had seen me in one of the crowd shots. All of the regulars were quite friendly to the faithful..... They do seem to enjoy what they do.

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