Friday, October 12, 2012

Brooklyn Excursion

We set out for Brooklyn yesterday with an internet ticket for one of the open topped bus tours.  We wanted to get an overview of the area before we headed back on our own.  What they neglected to tell you until you had downloaded your ticket was that they required you to go to the midtown location and wait in a LONG line for them to try to upsell you to other tours...... not enjoyable. Once we got ourselves to lower Manhatten and grabbed a quick lunch we were off.   We had a ride across the Brooklyn Bridge and then about 1.5 hour drive through various neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  We found we have been spoiled by the expertise of the Big Onion tours that we have taken before and actually found ourselves wondering if we were hearing facts all the time..... We did realize that we would prefer to stay in Brooklyn, so despite the surprised look on the tour guide and driver's faces, we departed before the return trip to Manhatten.  (We didn't sneak off......we did ask permission..... but they still seemed a bit shocked!

We found our way to the Promenade that overlooks the beautiful lower Manhatten skyline and strolled there for a while.  Then we went to the Transit Museum located in an actual old subway station.   They have done a really great job of telling the story of transportation in the city.  As you wind you way down to the ramp you pass actual turnstiles and then arrive on the platform where they have an amazing collection of old subway cars.

Market Day near the Court House

Apartments Overlooking the Promenade

One of the Older Subway Cars at the Transit Museum

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