Thursday, October 18, 2012

Columbus Circle

John and I set out on different paths this morning (more about his activity in the Brooklyn Bridge post).  My original mission was to visit Jazz at Lincoln Center and gather some information regarding future concerts.  I was particularly interested in Allen Hall where I had seen a performance with high school friends a few years ago.  It has beautiful glass windows 3 stories high behind the stage.  (For the first season Anderson Cooper broadcast from this hall).  I missed the box office completely (pretty unobtrusive in the Time Warner Building)but I came across a sign that said tickets for this art installation were available on the 3rd floor.  I had already checked online for the free but necessary tickets and found there were none available for any of the remaining exhibit time.  So, when they said I could go as long as I went immediately, I got my ticket and crossed the street.  I figured at the very least, the views would be terrific. After climbing the steps through the scaffolding you wait your turn to enter a complete living room scene with large windows where the main part of the statue of Columbus is the centerpiece.

While in the living room overlooking Columbus Circle you are encouraged to lounge on the sofas and chairs, to take photos but to make your stay brief to allow the next group to come through. 

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