Friday, October 12, 2012

Having a Car in NYC

Our Car's View for the Month!
I'm pretty sure nobody of sound mind would have a car in NYC.  That being said, I did want to drive up instead of fly because I wanted to be able to pack whatever I wanted.  My cousin, Joe was able to connect me to someone who was willing to park our car for a bargain rate (thanks again! )  When we arrived it allowed us to come over the Verrazano Bridge and to visit Coney Island. Once we got to the apartment the joys of driving pretty much disappeared.  We could not even find a spot to unload the car with our suitcases without paying for parking..... so we did just that.  Then I struck out to find the lot for the bargain.  Not too far... but across the park.... and nothing in NYC is easy for cars.  Today I went back across town to "visit" the car and made a really simple bus ride to do it. Soooo much easier than the cab on arrival day.  (On that day I had to endure a REALLY chatty cab driver during a rush hour traffic time period....)

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