Saturday, October 13, 2012

Madison Square Park/Union Square

We decided to splurge on a taxi to take us to Union Square around lunch time and planned to take the subway back after our outing... lesson learned!  Yikes! Horrible traffic and a taxi driver who would NOT let us exit the cab once we watched the meter ticking higher and higher as we sat in traffic.  I hope this is not a pattern emerging... but we exited anyway.  We paid and got out once we saw the trucks on the side street that were supporting the market...... we thought!  We were actually at Madison Square Park, but it turned out to be a happy accident.

It's too bad the print is not totally legible because a lot of the restaurants participating would probably be recognizable to food network lovers.  Little outposts of these restaurants set up in an area right next to Madison Square Park. 

We both really enjoyed our lunches...... some asian specialties, seafood and cookies.

But, since our plan had been to see an actual market we headed out for Union Square.  It was only a short distance away and we had to pass the Flatiron Building to get of the early "skyscrapers."

The Union Square Market was a treat.... lots of vendors, musicians with their cases open for donations and more than its share of crazies. 

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