Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bryant Park

In just a week we made 2 trips to this park.   It is just behind the Public Library so John and I spent some time there before Abby and Beth arrived.   But, it was such a great place that we also went there with them.  Abby got to ride on the carousel and was totally fascinated by a game called petanque.  We didn't know all the rules, but she enjoyed watching.  There were several courts set up all around the perimeter. Even though it was drizzly today there were lots of people playing.  The park also includes some snack/sandwich eateries and chess playing areas.  The fountain is under renovation, but the landscaping is all set for fall.

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  1. I think ihave signed up to follow you, but you might want to add that as an option toyour template. This sounds like so much fun. Love, win