Friday, October 5, 2012

Beth and Abby Are Here!

Heading to Penn Station for Departure......
No posts for a couple of days while we hang out with Beth and Abby.  They arrived last evening at Penn Station.  They were due in at 6:52 but did not make it til almost 10.  Beth said Abby was a real trooper and only got teary in about hour 2 of the delay saying "Mommy, will we have to wait until morning to get off the train?"  There was a switching problem near Newark and the delays made Penn Station in both Jersey and NY a total mess.   We exited the station to local news trucks covering the bedraggled passengers leaving..... But, Abby had a great reaction to seeing the lit up tall buildings as we popped out of the station... well worth it.... Taxi ride to the apartment and CRASH for all!

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