Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shopping in New York City

This will NOT be a guide to shopping... despite the title.... instead I have a few photos to highlight some of the differences between shopping in Chesapeake/Norfolk/Virginia Beach and New York City.  I don't spend much time shopping, because I would so much rather be walking or going to a museum.

Displays are really important and the choices at many stores are endless..... Abby was checking out some dried fish in a display at the West Side Market.

Herald Square in front of Macy's

Inside the MASSIVE Macy's... some renovations going on inside.  They still have the wooden escalators in part of the building (which I think occupies the ENTIRE block!)

To truly appreciate this outfit for shopping you have to realize that it was around 65 degrees and sunny outside when I took it.  The boots and the feather on the hat just really made the ensemble!

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