Monday, October 1, 2012

We Made It!! Coney Island

It was a long day.... but a good one.   We started off in New Jersey and left our friend's home around 9:30.  We took a scenic drive past our family bungalow in Belmar, up to the oceanfront for an extra coffee with the scenery.  Gorgeous day.   Since it was so beautiful and we knew we couldn't get into the apartment until after lunch time, we headed up through Avon, Bradley Beach (where I used to deliver mail) then Asbury Park.

Fans of Bruce Springsteen will recognize this spot!

Then we headed for the Verrazano Narrow Bridge since we had never gotten in to the city by that route.  The route took us across Staten Island, then to the bridge and on into Brooklyn.  We continued our beach exploration by visiting Coney Island.   I had been there MANY years ago and it was fun to see the rides, boardwalk, Nathan's Hot Dog restaurant (original) and of course.... the variety of people. 

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