Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

This was John's expedition of the day.  He joined up with the Big Onion Tours on the Manhattan side and walked across.  As usual, it was an informative walk with an excellent guide.  The tours ends in Brooklyn with a brief walk through the neighborhood closest to the Bridge, Brooklyn Heights. With not only a little difficulty we met in front of the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  There is a park between the Promenade and the pier that is quite pretty and definitely not crowded.  (We had heard about it on one of the Bowery Boys podcasts)  We had something to eat and then headed to find the subway.  Finding it was definitely the low point of the day.  We used our usual navigational techniques but with less success today.   Later, I read in Time Out New York that by the next time we come back there should be a raised pedestrian walkway to connect the Brooklyn Bridge Park area to Brooklyn Heights and the subway.  GREAT idea!

Tour Guide from the Big Onion

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