Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Museum of Natural History.....and Trader Joe's New York Style

Rainy morning meant time for a museum!   We are still finding our way around the neighborhood (The Upper West Side) but we knew that the Museum of Natural History is only a few blocks away.... so we headed out for there.  We had taken Jo, Beth and Katie there when they were under 10 and my parents had taken me as a child also.  So, it's a little different to go back as a geezer!
As with almost any tourist spot that you go in the Fall, it was populated by other folks like us and parents of little ones.  We had a great time visiting the dinosaur bones, the big blue whale, the dioramas and all the other terrific exhibits. We wore out before we could see it all.... but we gave it a good try. 

Outside of the Museum

In the subway leading to the museum....

Part of the Gems and Minerals Display

Nothing says New York like a giant dinosaur!

The afternoon adventure included a trip to the local Trader Joe's.... Interesting differences.   The store has a tiny front but covers 2 floors.  To shop between the floors both you AND your cart ride on an escalator.   I wanted to take a picture of it, but I had already been scolded for taking a photo of the fake "Broadway" type signs that they have that make a play on the name "Joe"... or "grocery".  They are really interesting, but evidently one is NOT supposed to photograph them.  Also, no wine sold in the store.  The state of New York only allows ONE Trader Joe in all of NYC to sell wine and this was not the one!

The check out is also amazing.   Yesterday when we went by at around 6 the lines were absurd so we left.  Today I went at 3:30 so it was fine.  But, the strategy is that you wait in 2 single file lines and then are steered to whichever line has the checker waving a flag to say that they are free... I think there were 24 lines open when I went!  If you click on this photo to enlarge it you may be able to see the fake marquee.... really cute decorations in this store!

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