Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bargemusic.... Back to Brooklyn.....

Today was planned to be an afternoon with my cousin Joe and his wife Rosanne.  Unfortunately, he is not feeling well... took a rare day off on Friday... and was still not well enough to join us.  We felt like professional travelers today... we made it to Brooklyn and back without consulting any tour books or apps for assistance.  We took the subway over and with the bridge as a navigation tool, it was pretty easy to get there.  We had an ice cream at the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, right under the bridge and then made it to the concert venue. 

The "barge" is right on the pier (Joe's company provided the barge for the location a few years ago).  It is such a picturesque spot that there were lots of visitors on this beautiful day. 
The concert today was chamber music with some really excellent musicians.  One is the director of the "Bargemusic" program in Brooklyn and he was a very charismatic gentleman.  The other musicians were equally talented and when our attention wandered there was so much to take a peak at through the windows..... seagulls, tourists, tour boats, jet skis, bridal parties.....The musicians were:  Mark Peskanov, Andy Lin, Adrian Daurov and Michael Kimmelman.  Quite a talented group!
Many thanks to Joe for the tickets .... hoping for your speedy recovery!

Joe suggested that we take the ferry to Wall Street instead of just returning the way we came.  Great suggestion!  We were able to make a trip loop around Brooklyn Bridge Park.... quite a lovely location with trails and playgrounds..... Quick but scenic ride across and an easy connection to the subway on Wall Street.

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