Friday, October 12, 2012

Barbra Streisand

Earlier in the week I had gotten a very overpriced ticket to the concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  We had spent the day in Brooklyn and John had no interest in a BAD seat to a concert after a day of touring....So after a delicious dinner at a restaurant suggested by a friend of Beth's (Jon Luton, unofficial mayor of Brooklyn in my estimation) we parted ways.  John and I had already checked out how conveniently located the subway was and there was already a line to enter the facility when he headed back to the apartment.  In line I met someone who went to high school with her in Brooklyn and his wife, who sang in a choir with her at temple.  My seat was 4 rows from the top of the facility and to the side/rear of the stadium.  I watched the first half of the concert from my seat.... actually not a bad view.... one of the screens that projected the concert was right in front of me.   (It was reversed, so print was not readable.... but the rest was GREAT!)  Based on what I had read online about the concert I knew the 2nd portion was much shorter so I moved to a standing room only area that had a front view (and it was closer to the subway exit!)  Instead of water, she had chicken broth on stage for a slight cold.... but her voice was incredible! 
    The photo at the top is not mine.... therefore I cannot enlarge it.... these next two show the entry and my view from the cheap seats....

P.S.  Last night I was reading the USA Today review of the concert.  The couple I mentioned meeting in line had been interviewed by somone walking through the crowd.  The details they provided her were what sparked our conversation.  They were specifically mentioned in this article in the USA Today..... small world!

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