Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Asia Society and the Frick Collection

The cafe..... very nice!

From the lobby looking out.... no photo bans broken!

My goal following the window shopping was to visit 2 of the highly recommended smaller museums.  The first was the Asia Society...... interesting to say the least.... Instead of finding a small zenlike museum (as I had thought based on some posts on Trip Advisor) I found the museum was having a VERY modern exhibit.  When I mention that the most "zen" locations in the museum were the gift shop and the lobby near the restrooms.... that should give a small sense of the surprises from this particular exhibit.  The friendly guard at one part of the exhibit shared.... "think Tim Burton movie props....but not quite as good!"  I think he captured it!  The second floor housed more of the same only with the added feature of being ALL WHITE... so we had to put on booties to enter the room.  The installation included wrapped objects (very intricate) and lots of tiny balls of string.  No photos allowed... so I cannot share!  But, the name of the artist was Lin Tianmiao....

The Frick Collection was almost perfect.  It is a manageable museum ( can visit in 2-3 hours) at a reasonable price ($15 for seniors) in a beautiful building.  It includes an indoor garden area and the audio tour is part of that fee.  It would have been "perfect" if the first space we were herded to had NOT been the basement..... with intricate sketches.... definitely would have had a better sense of the "estate" like quality of the museum if we had not begun the tour there.

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