Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Central Park........ the Southern Portion

The BEST part about where we are staying is how close it is to the park.  We have spent time there on previous trips... ( even took a bicycle tour the last trip) but this time we visited with Abby.  That made it different!  She was fascinated by the musicians set up along the way and by the 3rd one, she was over needing company to make a donation and was asking us for money so she could go put it in their music cases.....

This drew a BIG crowd!

We covered a lot of the southern end of the park while Beth was here.  You can probably tell we had good weather for our morning in the park.   We haven't seen any since they left!!

This slide was really interesting.  The slide itself is marble.  It is set into this hillside in a very natural setting.  There are steps up the left hand side, but Abby and several other kids used the levels of the rocks surrounding the slide itself as a climbing wall. 

Our access to different parts of the city frequently takes us through the park.  But, so far we have not gotten up to the northern portions yet.  We are waiting for the weather to improve!  I had John all framed up reading the inscription on this statue and he MOVED as I was snapping it....

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