Friday, October 26, 2012

Roosevelt Island

Our last stop on our day's outings.... What a treat!  It is accessible by subway or tram.... we took the tram to get there and the subway to leave.  The tram gives great views of midtown where we had just seen the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal..... we were just lucky to land next to the tram operator who was full of helpful hints and bits of information.  We had a great time talking to him during the passage across.  He had tales of people trying to move furniture in the tram as well as a very recent guest.... one of Roosevelt's grandchildren! 

Quite a history of this island...used to be called "Welfare Island"..... the above photo is the shell of the former small pox hospital.....the newly opened park to honor FDR is at the southern tip of the island so the views are amazing..... the walk along the East River is really pleasant and yet another podcast from the Bowery Boys filled us in on some historical background to the island.

This was taken along the walkway to the park.  You can see the United Nations Headquarters in this photo.


  1. Toni biordi had a friend who lived on roosevelt island ... wouldntthat be neat!

    Parade last evening was greatly improved by a late lunch with wine at the crust. Then rain for the sunset ceremony.

    Travel safely.

  2. It would be really wonderful.... the joys of the city with a bit of quiet..... Thanks for travel wishes.....Greetings to the William and Mary folks... we had to cancel the scheduled visit with Grace and Carol....