Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lincoln Center Tour

Yesterday morning when we went our separate ways I headed to a tour of Lincoln Center.  The guide was a classically trained musician and did a terrific job.  During the course of the walking tour we went to the Symphony location (Avery Fisher Hall) where we were able to look in on a public rehearsal.  We will attend the "real deal" on Friday evening this week. The viewing area was small so we had to take turns.  From the second floor of that building she described the plaza area, some history, Julliard and the Lincoln Center Theaters. (We will try to see War Horse there later in our stay),  The most impressive building, however, is the Opera House.   No photos are allowed inside any of the buildings so I cannot post any photos of the glittery interior.  According to the tour information, the building was constructed around the huge concrete curving staircase.  We were able to look in on a rehearsal here and walked through lots of the back regions.  They do, however, offer their own tour.  The final building on the tour is the home of the ballet (David Koch Theater).  Also, saw a rehearsal here, but this time we were able to enter the theater itself.

In the above 2 photos you can see the closest subway to Lincoln Center and the main lobby in the Atrium, which is where the tour starts.

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