Saturday, October 20, 2012

Queens - New Chinatown and Little India

What amazing sights...... We met Celeste and her husband Don at the 72nd street subway station where Celeste had mapped out a re-creation of a field trip she had taken with her students.  The first announcement we heard  once we descended (Sunday departure) was a closing of the very subway line (the 7) which they had told us would be our next connection.  Undaunted by this, the two of them figured a way around it and we left on the next subway.  John and I decided that if this had been our plan, we would have definitely gone slinking back to the apartment to come up with a DIFFERENT plan for the whole day!   Our first stop was what is referred to as New Chinatown.  Unlike the Chinatown in lower Manhattan we rarely saw tourists.  This is a true neighborhoo.  The beautiful sunny morning made it even more enjoyable to stroll the bustling streets as the locals went to market.   The first two photos are taken there.  If the print allows... check out the prices on the herbs (below).... makes acupuncture look like a real bargain!  We wandered the aisles of the store for quite a while because each turn held another amazing display.  From vegetables and fruits to the incredible variety of seafood..... we were enthralled. 

Even though there would have been wonderful choices for a lunch..... we were a little early so Celeste and Don guided us back to the subway and we were on to Jackson Heights and its Little India section.
The second of the two photos at the top of the page are taken there.  Celeste and I browsed the beautiful fabrics and then shopped in one of the jewelry stores.
While John and Don were waiting for us,  they noticed these 30 pound boxes of ginger being unloaded.  The ones in the photo are less than half of the ones that arrived at the market while we were doing our shopping.....

One of the "stations" at our delicious Indian Buffet Lunch at the Jackson Heights Diner.  Not only was it a bargain, but it allowed us to sample so many different items.  We have definitely been keeping the budget down by eating our main meal at lunch time.  With a little luck it is also being good for our waistlines!  Many thanks to Celeste and Don for their company on this interesting adventure. 

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