Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jon Stewart Show

Thanks to some good connections.... (many thanks Stefanie!) we had tickets to the Jon Stewart Show tonight...Very interesting experience... Celeste and her husband were able to join us for the taping which takes place in a large building on 11th Avenue on the West Side.  There was considerable waiting involved, but we enjoyed catching up with them during that time.  Most staff people were quite friendly and accomodating with one notable exception.  Perhaps to assure us that she meant business.... there was one staffer who lectured us just prior to entering the studio.... stern would not quite capture her address to us...   perhaps it is necessary... people do really think that "turn off your cell phones" does not really apply to them.... but this woman was obnoxiously dictatorial.  Since the MAJOR no no involved cell phones and other devices I did not DARE send texts out to anyone to announce our good fortune at attending. And the outdoor billboard photo is the ONLY one that captures our evening.
 Our seats were great and John was even singled out for conversation during the "warm up" act.  The comedian was very quick witted and had several humorous exchanges with audience members.  The show itself went by very quickly.... his only guest was a statistician/author (Nate Silver from the New York Times and the 538 website) while tomorrow night Obama will be there... so that was certainly good for a few laughs at the audience's expense.  But, since it was the first taping following  the debate, there were some one-liners that should make the "news cycle."  The broadcast includes a bit more off-color language than I realized but it certainly did not diminish our enjoyment.  He really seems to enjoy what he does and seems to have a friendly working relationship with all the crew. 

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